Development & Support Center

Xplore consulting offers its customers an original and innovative way of working: "Development & Support center "It does consist to outsource all or part of the development abroad and inducing a significant costs reduction. This is applicable for every kind of request, whether ad hoc or through project management.

The advantage is that this work is done remotely but closer to the customer and their needs, because:

Our development platform is based in Israel, pool of highly skilled software engineers.

Our teams can move and act quickly on site if required or requested.

We offer a service based on four key ideas:

  • Avaibility

    We serve clients
    6 days / 7 from 8 to 19h

  • Reactivity

    Our development platform can handle client requests with reliability by being highly effective in the management of unforeseen and exceptional circumstances

  • Involvement

    Our teams are dedicated to customers and are fully involved in every project to develiver it on time and with the utmost care

  • Reliability

    Our development platform is organized to meet the needs of customers with the highest level of reliability both in terms of timeliness of realization and quality of work

Our offer is transparent and effective: To enable our customers to count on reliable resources at low cost without compromising on the quality of work or delivery deadlines.

All this without upsetting your work habits and your culture, because our teams, flexible by nature, will perfectly fit in your work processes and optimally collaborate with your partners or subcontractors.

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