Custom Development

SAP is a wonderful development platform as a powerful framework for business applications.

In order to fit to your business requirement, SAP system has countless tools in order to help you develop the best programs, or to adapt existing ones. Besides, technologies around SAP Netweaver are evolving fast. You need, then, the best partner to help you to determine what technology or technique you may have to use, which ones are obsolete.

Nevertheless, technology must always remain at the service of your company and your users. Thus, thanks to its strong knowledge, Xplore Consulting can help you to leverage the power of your SAP system. Our decisions are always driven by the concern of what is the best for you. It concretely means that every development request is analyzed according to our proven methodology in order to:

  • Check if this development is relevant or if your business requirement can be fulfilled by SAP standard functionalities (requiring or not customizing)
  • Identify the involved technologies
  • Determine if SAP standard code has to be extended or enhanced
  • Give you an accurate delivery date

Xplore Consulting will help you to build very high quality programs, interfaces... that will be first class citizen within your SAP system.

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